We were getting in an ugly place when it came to interactions with Emily. Lots of her watching TV or being on the Nintendo DS or computer and when we did interact, it wasn't good.

So we decided to change things up and go back to the old discipline program that was recommended to us by the psychologist that we were seeing to help with her ADHD. Genius, right? Let's listen to the expert that we paid money to help us.

But the program does work! It really does. It is loosely based on program - which is a program for more severe discipline cases. Ours is a very, very scaled back version.

So we have limited the "screen time" and put the program in charge of the rules so that "the program" is now the bad guy and we are just following the rules. Win/win.

Day one was yesterday and I was really worried as it was a snow day, so Emily was stuck in the house. I wasn't sure how that was going to go over. But it went great! She limited her screen time and she played games and played with her brother and build a lego set she got for Christmas. And in day one, we had zero disciplinary issues.

We are through day 2 and still zero issues. Our interactions are sooo much more pleasant. The house is more calm. And today she looked up a friend to play and then came home and built a train track and played with her brother.

I'm loving this and wanted to post this so when we lose momentum - which always seems to happen - I can come back and read it and remind myself why I want to pick it back up again.


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